Although Covid-19 has not yet left Tanzania, the ultrasound training at the KCMC hospital has been open again since July 1.

The Mount Meru Foundation is very happy with the admission of one of our candidates: Jackline Shirma. Under time pressure and with the help of our man on site Yona, we managed to deliver all the necessary papers and the formalities were met.

Jackline Shirma is a 35 year old nurse with years of experience in obstetrics. Jackline lives and works in Himo and is the mother of 2 young children aged 7 and 2. She works in the outpatient clinic in Himo.

The doctor of this hospital, Dr. Maeda, has a lot of experience in ultrasound; thanks to him, all pregnant women in the hospital receive both a term ultrasound and a screening ultrasound.

Dr. Maeda is also a good teacher. He has asked us for support because there is a need for a certified sonographer for the hospital outposts.

For the next two years we will support and guide Jackline in her ultrasound training. At the moment she has already completed her first weeks of classes. We will keep you informed.



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Ultrasound training in Tanzania open again