Mount Meru Foundation is a Dutch non-governmental organization (NGO). All donations are fully utilized for projects in Tanzania and Zanzibar. The board and volunteers carry out their volunteer work without compensation. The Mount Meru Foundation is recognized by the Dutch Tax Administration as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).


The Foundation believes that every woman, regardless of her circumstances, has the right to good maternity care and that every child has the right to be born safely. Therefore, the Mount Meru Foundation aims to contribute to optimizing maternal and child care in Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in the rural areas of Tanzania and Zanzibar.


Ultrasound is a crucial component of good maternity care, especially in remote areas. The Mount Meru Foundation believes that every woman should receive ultrasound examinations during pregnancy according to the national protocol. Therefore, the Mount Meru Foundation is committed to increasing knowledge and expertise in the field of pregnancy ultrasound.


In recent years, the Mount Meru Foundation has developed a program to sponsor talented sonographers, enabling them to specialize in pregnancy ultrasound. The program consists of three components: a one-year basic training course, a two-year advanced training program with additional training, and, where necessary and beneficial, equipping experienced sonographers with a mobile ultrasound device. This final step is subject to certain conditions and is specifically designed for sonographers who will be working in remote areas.

Sustainable commitment

The sonographers trained by the Mount Meru Foundation commit to the Foundation's mission and vision. This means that they, in turn, dedicate themselves to training students in our program and performing pregnancy ultrasounds in rural areas for a standard fee, as established by the Tanzanian government.

Objective for the next 5 years

Several sonographers have now successfully completed the program and are working in rural areas. The Foundation aims to continue and expand this program, with the goal of training four sonographers per year over the next five years. Where necessary and beneficial, the Foundation intends to equip them with mobile ultrasound devices for services in rural areas. For these components of the program, the Mount Meru Foundation seeks to secure ongoing funding. To realize these ambitions, the Foundation also plans to expand its regional network, further strengthen the organization, and increase awareness in both Tanzania and the Netherlands.

Objective for the next 10 years

The Mount Meru Foundation aims to establish a central skills lab within 5 to 10 years where sonographers can further develop their skills in pregnancy ultrasound. In the skills lab, sonographers associated with the Foundation's program can provide training. Additionally, the Foundation has the ambition to organize masterclasses conducted by experts from Europe within the Foundation's network. To ensure the optimal functioning of the skills lab, the Foundation seeks funding for equipment, including ultrasound and possibly simulation equipment. The Mount Meru Foundation is creating a detailed plan to achieve this.