Lucie Driessen, chairman

Lucie enjoyed working as a midwife in an academic hospital in the Netherlands for 40 years. Here she contributed to prenatal, natal and postnatal care. For the last 10 years she worked as a supervisor and regional coordinator for the perinatal audit. Since her retirement she has used her knowledge and experience for our Foundation - recently as chairman.

Saja Erens, secretary

Saja is an obstetrical sonographer and has a great passion for mother and child care in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2018, she worked as a midwife for a month and a half at a local hospital in Northern Tanzania. After her return she became a board member of the Foundation. She is mainly concerned with maintaining and expanding Tanzanian contacts and is actively involved in setting up local projects.

Anna Lied Poelstra-Sanders, treasurer

Anna Lied has worked as a midwife and midwife ultrasound sonographer. Together with Margriet van der Weel she was one of the founders from the Mount Meru Foundation in 2015.
With great pleasure and satisfaction she has worked in health care in the Netherlands. Now the time has come for her to use her knowledge and skills to contribute to better mother and child care in Tanzania.

Sjan de Weert, management assistant

Sjan worked for 17 years as a midwife and sonographer. Since 2007 she has been running an ultrasound center where equipment management was part of her responsibilities. She currently works as an interim manager in home care. Based on her in-depth knowledge of ultrasound systems and broad knowledge of healthcare, she is happy to dedicate herself to the Foundation, especially when it comes to purchasing equipment.

Yona Kadege, management assistant

Yona is project coordinator of the Mount Meru Foundation and maintains our local contacts in Tanzania. He worked as a nurse and pharmaceutical assistant in a local hospital in Tanzania. Today he lives and works in Belgium, but he is still very committed to mother and child care in his country. Yona is fluent in Maasai in addition to English and Swahili. His knowledge of the region, the local languages and culture and Tanzanian healthcare are indispensable to the work of our Foundation.

Miriam Hoogendam, management assistant

Miriam works as a midwife and sonographer. During her training she was twice in Ghana for a longer period to gain practical experience. In 2015, she traveled to Uganda for the TV program I'm going to be a mother, to investigate the differences in mother and child care. Miriam knows health care in Africa first hand. She is happy to use that knowledge and experience for better perinatal care in Tanzania.

Phons Stokkermans, webmaster

Phons realized this website, which he also manages and maintains. After having worked in information technology for over 32 years, he has been enjoying his early retirement for a number of years. This gives him time to use his knowledge as a volunteer for our Foundation.

Margriet van der Weel-Roem, co-founder (1955 - 2022)