Project plan 2017

The first project is the Mount Meru Hospital. They have submitted a request for ultrasound equipment. There has been contact with Radiologists (they make all ultrasounds) and a gynecologist.

The Mindray Z6 is a suitable device, which is transportable and satisfies both obstetrics / gynecology and radiology. Cost price 12,000 euros incl. Vat .. Including the necessary applications.

The hospital has a technician and a biomedical engineer.

A Dutch gynecologist is willing to give online ultrasound / visual education / supervision.

Mindray can provide remote online support. The device can be delivered in August.

The radiologists are trained up to date. Both radiologists and gynecologists are not accustomed to having an ultrasound device in the midwifery department in acute and non-acute situations.

A work week is sufficient to transfer the basic knowledge.

The week of August 28, 2017 is scheduled to implement the device.

Up to now, 5300 euros is available.
We want to collect the remaining amount by registering sponsors.

February / March 2017 Make acquaintance with the device, proceed to agreements and purchase upon approval.

Call on any sponsors for the remaining amount.

Contact with Mount Meru Hospital about their definitive wishes regarding application, education, maintenance and security.

Other actions to generate money (beer brewing and selling)

May / June collect material for training and program training, also technical instruction with regard to the use of the device.

August / September to Tanzania, delivery and implementation ultrasound device.

The 1st project was realized in August 2017!

Sponsorship money is brought together, the ultrasound device the Mindray Z6 could therefore be purchased. The training was completed in the last week of August in the Mount Meru hospital and the ultrasound device was transferred to the radiologist of the Mount Meru hospital.