From: herieli zacaria <
Date: Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 3:32 PM

Receive many greetings from Karatu Lutheran Hospital.


Allow me to introduce to you. I am Doctor Heriel Zacharia, Medical Officer In-charge of Karatu Lutheran Hospital. I had a chance to meet Saja Erens at our Hospital when she came for a visit and follow up to one of the staff supported by her through Mount Meru Foundation (MR. WILSON DANIEL SIMPA).
She had a tour around the hospital and then through the nursing and clinician college located near our hospital also owned by the hospital. She saw a lot of opportunities in both the hospital and college as well.

After the tour, we had little talk in the office about the services we are offering and challenges we are facing during service provision. We also shared with her about the Dispensaries under the umbrella of Karatu Lutheran Hospital. We as the Hospital has the objective of visiting these dispensaries at least once in every three month, so that we can reach more people at their places in the village and offer them available services and if possible advice them on the available services for them at our Hospital. This has been so expensive for the hospital and sometimes we fail reaching them at their places and at the end of the day they are completely disconnected from these services.

The most vulnerable group has always been the pregnant women and children under five years. We discussed few issues with Saja Erens on few things she can assist in terms of imparting ultrasound knowledge and skills to most of our staff so that they can be in a position of helping these group of people when they are in front of them during their duties and also as they provide services inside and outside the hospital if these machines becomes available to them.

If this happens I know it will touch a lot of lives and becomes the reason as to why some the people in these groups to have smile on their faces.

she then seen the potential for Karatu Lutheran collaborating with your NGO. She promised that she will introduce us to you as well asked me to introduce myself to you as the coordinator of the NGO DRIVING NURSES so that when you had a chance to visit Karatu you pass-by our Hospital and had this opportunity of meeting each other so that we can discuss few things on how best we can improve health of the mother and child in rural areas by bringing the healthcare services closer to their residency in the village.

It will be my pleasure meeting you in Karatu when you make a visit in our Hospital.

If it`s fine with you, we can share on how we can arrange that. Saja informed me about your visit to Tanzania early January, 2020.

I make myself available for such a nice meeting with you.
Thanks in advance and i am looking forward meeting you soon.

Kind regards
Dr Heriel