There is movement again in our project 'Mobile Sonographer in Himo'! The necessary permission for our field research has been obtained. This will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Due to the lack of that permission, the previously announced research not start right away. Since we never work without the explicit support of the local authorities, we had to pause.

We know from experience that projects in Tanzania sometimes come to a standstill for a while and then gain momentum again. We are pleased that this is now also the case in Himo and that, now that permission has been obtained, the thread has been enthusiastically picked up again.

This means that in the coming weeks a team will visit all 24 outlying areas around Moshi. There they talk to the village leaders, the heads of the local health posts and the leaders of the local women's communities. They can give us a good insight into the challenges in each area. It is important to get the support of the women and local leaders: a project can only be successful if it is supported by local people.

A report is written on the basis of the research. This charts the demand for care and the need for mobile ultrasound. We are also looking at how mobile ultrasound could be given a place in the current healthcare offer from a logistical point of view.

The report is expected to be ready by September. In mid-September, a delegation from the foundation will visit the projects in Tanzania. Based on the report, we hope to be able to talk to the people in Himo about the further roll-out of this project and everything that comes with it. Soon we will tell you more about this visit - so keep following our website and social media!

New step towards mobile ultrasound in Himo!