The field research in the Moshi district regarding the opportunities for mobile ultrasound has been successfully concluded! Currently, the final touches are being put on the report. In September, the foundation will visit the area and continue discussions with stakeholders about the outcomes and future plans.

Earlier, we reported that in July, on behalf of the Mount Meru Foundation and the Driving Nurses Foundation, with permission and support from the local government, research was conducted in the Moshi district. The utility, necessity, and potential of mobile ultrasound and pregnancy care checks in the most remote health posts were mapped out.

The field research was carried out by a team of three, consisting of Dr. Maeda, researcher Eunice, and a driver. They traversed the outskirts of Moshi and ultimately managed to visit 21 centers. Reaching the healthcare posts proved to be one of the major challenges right from the start.

The foothills of Kilimanjaro are lush green, with stunning waterfalls, but also incredibly rugged. This is also one of the significant challenges pregnant women face. Often, women are unable to reach the hospital in a timely manner and end up giving birth at home out of necessity. If unexpected complications arise during pregnancy and childbirth, the likelihood of timely intervention is significantly reduced. By gaining earlier insight into risks (including through ultrasound and optimal pregnancy checks), a switch to centers equipped to handle high-risk pregnancies can be made much earlier.

During the field research, for example, a 16-year-old young mother presented herself. When labor began, she was home alone, and there was no one to take her to the health post. Fortunately, the delivery went well. With the help of neighbors, she was able to come to the health post for check-ups and vaccinations a few days later.

The team further spoke with local authorities about the opportunities and challenges in the area for pregnant women. They gathered the necessary data and received much support for the ideas of offering mobile ultrasound checks. We will be happy to provide more information once we have been on-site to make further arrangements. Be sure to also read our next blog post, where we will tell you more about our travel plans.


Field research in Moshi district completed!