Nearly three years after the start of the coronavirus crisis, the Mount Meru Foundation is heading back to Tanzania in September! Of course, we are eager to take you along with us on our preparations and plans, and we'll keep you updated during the journey.

Our flight tickets have been booked, travel routes meticulously coordinated, hotels reserved, project visits arranged, contacts briefed, training for local sonographers initiated, mobile ultrasound devices made ready for use, contracts prepared, vaccinations obtained, and malaria tablets acquired.

The itinerary takes us through the national parks of Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Serengeti, and the Ngorongoro Crater to Karatu. Two days of work visits are planned there. Then, we'll travel via Arusha to Moshi. If weather permits, we'll enjoy a stunning view of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro en route.

In Moshi, another two days filled with work visits are on the agenda. Afterward, an adventurous journey will take us through the Usambara Mountains to Mambo View Point, where we'll conduct three days of field research in the region. Our final destination is Zanzibar, where an outreach day is planned, and we'll launch a local training program.

This trip marks the first time that the current composition of the board is traveling together. Our chairperson, Lucie, has some African experience but will set foot on Tanzanian soil for the first time. We are excited to undertake this journey together and deeply miss Margriet van der Weel, who dearly wished to be part of this and was instrumental in shaping the plans.

As you know, we combine project trips with our own vacations, which we personally cover. This way, we keep overhead costs for the foundation low and can fully utilize your financial support for the projects. Your contributions are, of course, greatly appreciated. Please continue to follow us for more news about the projects and travel reports in the coming times!

The Mount Meru Foundation is packing its bags!