Our project The Mobile Sonographer is gaining steam! Field research has been set up in Himo and the first selection for the mobile equipment has been made.

Just like with the Mamabus in Moshi, in Himo we work together with the Driving Nurses Foundation. By working together, we can also offer full-fledged pregnancy checks to pregnant women in the area in addition to ultrasound scans.

In February, we will conduct a field survey to further map out the intended project area. We then make an inventory of the opportunities and the bottlenecks, make further contacts and make agreements with the local authorities.

In the meantime, we have not been sitting still in the Netherlands either. An extensive test of mobile equipment yielded two devices that would be very suitable for our project - hopefully more on this soon!

Another step has been taken with the test. We would therefore like to sincerely thank the pregnant women who cooperated with this, as well as the ultrasound agencies who made this logistically possible.

Carrying out projects in Tanzania is exciting: sometimes everything is put on the brakes for a while due to unforeseen circumstances, then everything accelerates again. Laying a good foundation can therefore take time. However, experience has taught us that only projects with strong local support make a sustainable contribution to the much-needed care for pregnant women.

Mobile Sonographer in Himo (4): that’s how we’re going to do it!