Veronika Tarimo, our sonographer on the Mamabus in Moshi, followed a hands-on training last month at the Malola hospital in Tabora.

The Mount Meru Foundation offered Veronika this training, which was made possible in part by her employer TPC and the experienced ultrasound technician Regina Namumba.

In her work on the Mamabus, Veronika has to make estimates and risk selections under her own responsibility and without direct supervision. Regular additional trainings like this give her extra experience that is very useful in interpreting images and distinguishing what is normal and abnormal.

During the training in Tabora, Regina helped Veronika to gain a lot of useful practical experience. Veronika regularly sent us enthusiastic updates with sometimes truly unique cases. Her mentor Regina and we are very pleased with Veronika's progression and growth curve.


Sonographer Mamabus on training!