Early in the morning, we drive past endless sugarcane fields to Lower Moshi for a visit to the TPC hospital, the private hospital of the sugarcane plantation TPC.

Upon arrival, it is immediately noticeable that extensive renovations are taking place. The reception area has a completely new look, and there is even a new emergency department with a brand-new operating room.

We have an appointment with Veronika Tamiro, an ultrasound technician on the Mamabus, and hospital manager Lazaro Urio. Both are well-prepared; they have the reports in front of them and provide us with a good understanding of the ins and outs of the Mamabus project.

It's clear to us that the project has matured significantly. Veronika has grown immensely in her role, and through her personal leadership, she truly connects with the women and has become the face of the Mamabus. This, in part, is why more and more pregnant women come to the Mamabus for essential prenatal care.

Veronika gives various examples of how she was able to make a difference through her work on the Mamabus. The stories also consistently highlight the crucial role of ultrasound. Often directly, because a correct and timely diagnosis could be made, but sometimes indirectly, as expectant mothers willingly come for an ultrasound and also receive the necessary pregnancy check-ups and education.

We also discuss the remaining challenges, such as expanding the areas the Mamabus visits, the succession plan for Veronika when she temporarily steps aside for further studies, and the poor ergonomics: the ultrasound technician is often forced to sit hunched over in the Mamabus. These are issues that the Driving Nurses Foundation will certainly address during their visit in November.

The African sun is already high in the sky, burning brightly, as we settle into the peaceful shade of the TPC club to take stock: the Mamabus in TPC is a well-functioning project thanks to its solid foundation and the motivated professionals on-site.

The view over the golf course is beautiful, and the playful monkeys jumping around are entertaining. After lunch, we reluctantly tear ourselves away from this place and muster the energy to face the rest of our challenging afternoon program. More about that in our next blog.

Moshi (2): Mamabus TPC is running at full speed!