Mount Meru foundation

The Mount Meru Foundation is commited to improving mother and child care in Africa

In 2019, the Mount Meru Foundation (SMM) conducted research into developments for new projects in addition to following the current projects.

The "Mamabus" project in Lower Moshi, set up by the Driving Nurses Foundation (SDN), was able to expand the Mount Meru (SMM) foundation with ultrasound.

In collaboration with the SDN and following the example of the project in Lower Moshi, a second “Mamabus” project is being worked on in the Karatu region. The preparatory talks about this started at the end of 2019 and will be followed up in 2020.

The training options investigated in 2018 for ultrasound in and around Moshi led to the fact that in 2019 three candidates selected by the SMM were able to follow and complete an ultrasound training. SMM also facilitated a month of hands-on training.

The graduated ultrasound scans were guided by us from the Netherlands and will be followed up from the Netherlands by SMM members and provided with training for the next 2 years.

In the spring of 2019 and in the autumn of 2019, Saja Erens visited the various projects on behalf of the Foundation, at his own expense, made new contacts and examined requests for help with regard to feasibility and commitment.

Collaboration between Mount Meru foundation and  Driving Nurses foundation

The Mount Meru Foundation (SMM) and the Driving Nurses Foundation (SDN) worked together on the 2.0 version of the mamabus in Lower Moshi in 2019. SMM, together with the midwifery ultrasound technician she trained, implemented ultrasound on the bus.

In addition, options for a 2nd bus with the same concept were explored. SMM provides an ultrasound device and training in obstetric ultrasound, while SDN takes care of the maintenance of the "Mama Bus" and part of the personnel costs.

Project Lower Moshi- North Tanzania

Driving Nurses Foundation and SMM have worked together on implementing pregnancy checks and ultrasound on the Mamabus in the Lower Moshi region, also known as mamabus 2.0.

The TPC Hospital in Moshi, with which there are good contacts, also provides a qualified nurse / midwife for the mamabus. Part of the prenatal care can be financed by the Tanzanian government. This is offered universally to all pregnant women in Tanzania.

The SMM was able to offer Veronika Tarimo, a nurse at TPC Hospital, the opportunity to follow the ultrasound training in Moshi. Veronika is now authorized and able to perform the echoes on the mamabus.

Project  Adopt an ultra sound technician

In 2019 we started the project "Adopt an ultrasound technician".
The total costs for the 3-month training at the KCMC, the accommodation and a fourth internship month cost 1000 euros per candidate ultrasound technician.
In 2019, 3 candidates have now obtained an ultrasound certificate thanks to the Mount Meru Foundation.
The recruitment and selection for new candidates has paid off, there are already 6 candidates on the waiting list for the echo training.

Project Karatu – 2-nd  “mamabus”

At the end of 2019, an agreement in principle was reached with SDN to facilitate and support mobile maternity care in remote areas around Karatu together with Karatu Lutheran Hospital. At the beginning of 2020, a business plan will be worked on jointly to further shape this project.

Karatu Health center

A new ultrasound machine has recently arrived at the Karatu Health Center. This device has been donated by Wombs of the World. One of the 3 ultrasound surgeons we have trained, Dr. Wilson Simpa, can now make ultrasounds here independently. The Foundation will continue to offer further substantive support and guidance.


SMM set up various sponsorship campaigns in 2019.

Headbands were made and sold, which yielded more than 1000 euros, the film house in Kollum shot a film for SMM, which resulted in almost 500 euros, and the Zijtaartse cycling club WTC cycled for charity for more than 500 euros.

In 2019 we started a packaging campaign at large supermarkets throughout the country. This promotion generated more than 1000 euros in 2019. The promotion will continue for some time in 2020.

The Foundation was again allowed to receive birthday money and other gifts in 2019.

Management news

In 2019 wordt Miriam Hoogendam tot het bestuur van SMM toegetreden.
Miriam is werkzaam als verloskundige en echoscopist en heeft tijdens haar opleidingsperiode o.a. ervaring in Ghana opgedaan. Ze is begaan met de verloskunde in Afrika.

Yona Kadege was involved in the SMM as board support in 2019.

Yona is the local contact person and project coordinator of the Mount Meru Foundation. He works as a nursing and pharmaceutical assistant in a local hospital in Tanzania and is very committed to mother and child care in his country. He speaks English and Swahili fluently in Maasai. Yona's knowledge of the region, local language and culture and Tanzanian healthcare are indispensable for the work of our Foundation.