Mount Meru Foundation

The Mount Meru Foundation is commited to improving mother and child care in Afrika.

Summary annuel report 2021

In 2021, the Mount Meru Foundation (SMM) has, in addition to following up on current projects, conducted research into setting up new projects. Due to the corona crisis, there was little room for development in Tanzania and no working visit could take place. Instead of a working visit with hands-on training from the Netherlands, Regina Namumba, an old acquaintance of the Foundation, a very experienced and well-trained sonographer with whom the Foundation worked fruitfully at the Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha   made herself available to act as senior hands. -on trainer to perform for our sonographers. A new project  ”further training for already trained sonographers” was launched.

We have been able to follow and guide the progress of the “Mamabus” project in Lower Moshi that was set up by the Driving Nurses Foundation at the time and where the Mount Meru Foundation has ensured the expansion of ultrasound.

In collaboration with SDN and following the example of the project in Lower Moshi, a start was made in 2019 on a second “Mamabus” project in the Karatu region. After the progress of this project was slowed down by the corona crisis in 2020 and 2021, the momentum has picked up again in the last quarter of 2021.

Thanks to the ultrasound machine donated by the Mount Meru Foundation in 2017, the Mount Meru hospital was able to make more ultrasounds again in 2021.

In 2017-2018, 3422 ultrasounds were made, in 2020-2021 there were 4960 ultrasounds and in the past year no less than 5438 ultrasounds. Among these were 3,317 pregnancy ultrasounds, bringing the proportion of pregnancy ultrasounds down to about 61 percent.

The ultrasound device has therefore proven to be more than worth its investment. Despite intensive use, it still functions neatly and satisfies just fine!

There is a request from Himo and Karatu for a mobile ultrasound device. The foundation has started working with these applications. Research and testing of a suitable ultrasound device will be completed at the end of 2021. In Himo works  Jackline Shirma, a sonographer trained by the Foundation and in Karatu Dr. Wilson Simpa, also a foundation-trained sonographer. Both now have the necessary ultrasound expertise in-house to go into rural areas with the future mobile ultrasound device. The project “the mobile sonographer” is gaining momentum!

Explanation Activities 2021

Project Lower Moshi- Northern Tanzania

Driving Nurses Foundation and SMM worked together to implement pregnancy checks and ultrasound on the Mamabus in the Lower Moshi region, also known as the mamabus 2.0. The TPC Hospital in Moshi, with which there are good contacts, also provides a qualified nurse/midwife for the mama bus. Some of the prenatal care can be funded by the Tanzanian government and is universally offered to all pregnant women in Tanzania. In 2019, SMM was able to offer Veronika Tarimo, a nurse from the TPC Hospital, the opportunity to follow the ultrasound training in Moshi. Veronika is now authorized and able to perform the ultrasounds on the mama bus. The Philips Lumify (echo device) has been loaned for mother and child care on the mama bus.

Project “Adopt a sonographer”

In 2019 we started the project “Adopt an ultrasound technician”. Due to the corona crisis and then the revision of the ultrasound training in Moshi (KCMC), which is temporarily closed, we were unable to place students in 2021.
We hope that students can be admitted to the program again in 2022.

Project “ Additional training of already graduated ultrasound technicians”

As long as ultrasound training in Tanzania is closed due to curriculum reforms, the Foundation's focus will be on strengthening the knowledge and expertise of the current crop of - already trained - ultrasound technicians
Regina Namumba, a long-time acquaintance of the Foundation, a highly experienced and well-trained sonographer with whom the Foundation worked fruitfully at the Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha has made herself available to act as a senior hands-on trainer for our sonographers.
Jackline  Shirima  , one of our graduate sonographers who works in Himo, was the first sonographer who was allowed to follow this intensive training with Regina Namumba in the Malola hospital at the expense of the foundation.
Since Regina now lives in Tabora, on the other side of the country, the students have to make a long journey and stay in Tabora for 10 days. The travel, accommodation and training costs are financed by the foundation.

Project Himo: “The mobile sonographer”

In Himo, in addition to training, we also work on setting up mobile service. There is a need for this mobile service in the outlying areas around Himo. We want to set up this project in collaboration with the Driving Nurses Foundation.
In 2018 we started ultrasound on the mamabus in Moshi. We also want to start a similar concept in collaboration with the Himo Health Center. The Driving Nurses Foundation will provide a Mamabus, the Himo Health Center will take care of the staff on the bus and the Mount Meru Foundation will take care of the ultrasound (ie training and equipment) on the Mamabus.

Project Karatu: “The mobile sonographer”

In Karatu, just like in Himo, in addition to training, we also work on setting up mobile service.
We also want to set up this project in collaboration with the Driving Nurses Foundation. In Karatu, a start had already been made on this project in 2019, but progress has come to a standstill due to the corona crisis. The plans were resumed at the end of 2021.


In 2019, SMM also started a packaging campaign at large supermarkets throughout the country. This action also delivered more than €2000 in 2021. on. The promotion will continue into 2022. SMM was also allowed to receive other gifts in 2021.