Organisation and location:

Mount Meru Foundation, established in Tilburg, Chamber of Commerce 63337657
Mount Meru Foundation
Herwijnenstraat 31
5045 GP Tilburg
Tel. 0650537504 (Margriet van der Weel-Roem)
RABO NL12RABO0304084557
ANBI / Tax number: 855192835


Margriet van der Weel-Roem (chairman)
Anna Lied Poelstra-Sanders (treasurer)
Saja Erens (secretary)
Miriam Hoogendam( member)


The Mount Meru Foundation wants to contribute to improving mother and child care in Africa. The Foundation wants to share its expertise and experience in midwifery and ultrasound with colleagues in Africa.

The Foundation wants to use the funds received to train ultrasound technicians and to purchase ultrasound equipment that will be made available to colleagues in Africa.

The board members do not receive any compensation.

Support last year:

The Mount Meru Foundation received financial support from various persons and companies in 2020. The board members have not declared any expenses for their activities and received no compensation.


The Foundation receives annual donations from a number of loyal donors.
Rotary club Veghel donated an amount of € 300
The Remonstrant Church Eindhoven raised € 456.15 for the Mount Meru Foundation with collections.
The costs for the website have been donated by our website administrator.

Interest-free loan

In 2017, the Foundation received an interest-free loan of 5000 euros from a donor. EUR 1000 of the loan is donated annually.


Money has come in through the sale of goods via Marktplaats.
The packaging campaign also generated a nice amount of more than € 2000 in 2020.

Bank accounts

The Foundation has both a current and a savings account.

Financial report income 2020


Remonstrant church Eindhoven


Donations (regular donors / marketplace sales / Rotary / spontaneous donations etc.)


Packaging action






Financial report expenses 2020



Training costs “Adopt an ultrasound technician”


Bank charges


Other small equipment




 Training costs "Adopt an ultrasound technician":

Due to the corona pandemic, the training was closed for some time and in 2020 only 1 candidate could start the 3-monthly ultrasound training at the Academic Hospital of the KCMC in Moshi. After that, the Foundation provided a month of hands-on training.

Bank charges:

Monthly costs must be paid to the bank.


In conclusion, it can be stated that the Foundation will have a positive balance sheet of € 3648.52 in 2020. The balance of the checking and savings account on 01-01-2020 was € 4,665.67. In 2020 there were a number of donors and funds came in through some sponsor actions and the other donations.
The balance in the checking and savings accounts on 12/31/2020 was € 8,314.19.