Maternal and child mortality in Tanzania is high.

Some figures:
Figures W.H.O. 2014/2016

Maternal mortality during childbirth and up to 6 weeks after delivery Child mortality 0-28 days after delivery Infant mortality 0-5 years
Tanzania 4,54‰ 21.7‰ 56,7‰
The Netherlands 0,06‰ 2,5 ‰    3,8 ‰

In the countryside, hardly any maternity checks, birth and infant care are performed. In addition, there is no information about upbringing and health for pregnant women, newborns and young children, which means that there is a huge backlog in health (and in knowledge) also in relation to other African countries.

Problems during pregnancy and around birth are not recognized or not recognized in time and that is one of the main causes of maternal and child mortality.

Good education, good pregnancy checks and the use of aids such as an ultrasound device can be lifesaving.

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