In 2020, we initiated a collaboration with the Driving Nurses Foundation to establish mobile pregnancy check-ups with ultrasound in the rural areas around Karatu. We implemented the same successful concept used for the Mamabus in Moshi, where the Driving Nurses Foundation oversees the Mamabus, the hospital provides personnel, and the Mount Meru Foundation handles ultrasound (training and equipment). Due to the COVID-19 years, the project experienced some delays. After extensive field research, the Driving Nurses Foundation was able to finalize all formalities in mid-2023, and the launch of the second Mamabus took place by the end of 2023. The mobile ultrasound services can currently be performed by Dr. Simpa. During our working visit in September 2023, Dr. Simpa was provided with a mobile ultrasound device on loan. In 2024-2025, we aim to facilitate the admission of a midwife from the Mamabus to the local echo training program.