1. Goals of Mount Meru Foundation

The objectives of Mount Meru Foundation:

  • To contribute to improving care for mother and child at the Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha, Tanzania. (Was realized in August 2017)
  • To contribute to improving maternal and child care in the rural areas of Tanzania.
  • Share our expertise and experience in the field of ultrasound with colleagues in the Mount Meru Hospital. (Was realized in August 2017)
  • Sharing our expertise and experience in obstetrics and ultrasound with colleagues in the rural areas in northern Tanzania Arusha-Moshi region
  • There is no profit motive.

Mount Meru Foundation is located at Herwijnenstraat 31, 5045 GP Tilburg.

2. Method of raising funds

Mount Meru Foundation receives its income through donations. These gifts are mainly given by individuals.

3. Management of the assets

Mount Meru Foundation has a board that is responsible for the management of the assets.

The board consists of three persons, namely a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer.

Chairman: Margriet van der Weel,
Secretary: Nancy Jongsma
Treasurer: Annalied Poelstra

Activities board
The board meets at least four times a year for a meeting. Minutes are prepared for this.

The following activities are carried out under the responsibility of the board:

  • The search for an ultrasound device, which is useful in Mount Meru Hospital. This device will form the basis for teaching employees in the hospital, so that they can work independently with this. (= Realized in June 2017)
  • Prepare training.
  • Familiarize the current situation in Tanzania with regard to pregnancy and the risks faced by women.
  • Collaboration and support with the Mount Meru hospital.
  • Collaborate with the Stichting Driving Nurses, who provide medical care and education for mother and child with a "mamabus" in the Moshi countryside.
  • The search for an ultrasound device and the training of aid workers in the Mamabus in the rural areas of Tanzania.

The board is responsible for a sound financial policy. The tasks that are part of this include:

  1. Annually prepare a budget;
  2. Annually adopt and approve annual accounts;
  3. Managing the funds;
  4. Spending the money.

Reimbursement of board members
The board members receive no remuneration for their administrative work

4. Spending the capital

The capital is spent in accordance with the objective of the Mount Meru Foundation.

  1. The income of the foundation goes entirely to the purchase of sound ultrasound equipment.

All additional costs, such as travel costs, are for the account of the board members.
The Mount Meru Hospital is responsible for the maintenance of the device and further training of obstetric staff.