Project plan 2018

Provide training in the area of ​​mother and child care and provide ultrasound equipment in the rural areas of the North Tanzania region of Arusha and Moshi.

In cooperation with the Driving Nurses Foundation, the Mount Meru Foundation wants to provide the workers working in rural areas in the Moshi area with training in obstetrics and ultrasound and ultrasound equipment.

The Driving Nurses Foundation takes care of the transport with the already driving “mamabus” and emergency workers who are facilitated from the TPC Hospital. The Mount Meru Foundation will organize ultrasound training and give an ultrasound equipment on loan. For this she will search for a suitable ultrasound device

The concept in lower Moshi is used as a trial region for the Arusha region (for which there is a request for help from Dr Wonanji R.M.O.) where we want to offer the same support as lower Moshi.

Approach sponsors and set up other campaigns to generate money.
A ladies' debut from Tilburg Alea Iacta is organizing a benefit Cabaret evening for the Mount Meru Foundation in April 2018.
Establish contact with Stichting Driving nurses and the TPC hospital / wishes / education / maintenance / security

Mid 2018 purchase of ultrasound device / prepare for training

Contact with Dr. Wonanji, Regional medical director of the Arusha area maintained and informed of the "Mamabus". In collaboration with Dr. Wonanji prepare to also ride a 2nd “mamabus” with ultrasound device and accompanying training sessions in the Arusha area.

Fall 2018 to Tanzania, provide training and hand over equipment on loan