SMM wants to continue to provide training in the field of mother and child care, especially in ultrasound. SMM also wants to focus on facilitating ultrasound equipment for mother and child care in the rural areas of northern Tanzania, particularly in the region of Arusha (Karatu) and Kilimanjaro (Moshi and Himo).

In 2023, SMM wants to offer at least one of the candidates selected by the foundation a scholarship for the new one-year ultrasound training at the hospital in Dodoma. This graduate candidate also wants to provide SMM with additional hands-on training.

In 2023, SMM, together with the Driving Nurses Foundation (SDN), wants to start providing mobile antenatal checks supported by ultrasound in the rural areas of Karatu. SDN will be responsible for equipping the mobile services, facilitating transport and the healthcare providers. The Karatu Lutheran Hospital will provide staff and transportation. SMM will organize the ultrasound training and, if necessary, provide ultrasound equipment on loan. The project in Moshi is used as an example for the Karatu region. In Karatu we want to offer the same support as in lower-Moshi.

In 2023, SMM wants to conduct further exploratory research together with the Driving Nurses Foundation (SDN) into the needs and requirements for a mamabus project in Himo and the hinterland. There are also plans to provide the area with mobile antenatal checks supported by ultrasound in collaboration with the Himo Health Center.

In 2022 we started a project for the rural areas of Zanzibar. The Foundation has made a mobile ultrasound machine available to Johanna Omar for this purpose. We will continue to support this project in 2023.

Possibilities for a new project in the Mambo district are being investigated, in collaboration with the MamboSteunPunt foundation

A visit to Tanzania is planned for the autumn of 2023. In addition to supervision of the various projects, training will also be provided and, if necessary, an ultrasound machine will be provided on loan.