SMM aims to continue providing education in the field of mother and child care, particularly in ultrasound. Furthermore, SMM intends to focus on facilitating ultrasound equipment for mother and child care in the rural areas of Northern Tanzania, especially in the Arusha region (Karatu) and Kilimanjaro (Moshi and Himo).

In 2024, SMM plans to offer at least one (preferably more) of the candidates selected by the foundation a scholarship for the new one-year ultrasound training program at the hospital in Dodoma or Moshi. SMM also intends to provide additional hands-on training for these graduated candidates.

In collaboration with the Driving Nurses Foundation (SDN), SMM aims to initiate mobile antenatal check-ups supported by ultrasound in the rural areas of Karatu in 2024. Since late 2023, SDN has been responsible for equipping the mobile services, facilitating transportation, and providing healthcare providers. The Karatu Lutheran Hospital will contribute staff and transportation. SMM will organize ultrasound training sessions and, if necessary, lend ultrasound equipment. The project in Moshi will serve as an example for the Karatu region, with the goal of offering the same support as in lower Moshi. Dr. Simpa will perform mobile ultrasound on the bus using the Lumify mobile device provided by SMM.

In 2023, a field research was conducted in the Himo area. In collaboration with the Himo Health Center, SMM aims to offer antenatal care with ultrasound support in the rural areas. Initially, the ultrasound knowledge at the Himo Health Center needs to be strengthened. A candidate has already been nominated for the one-year ultrasound training at KCMC in Moshi.

During a work visit in September 2023, possibilities for a new project in the Usambara Mountains were explored in collaboration with the MamboSteunPunt foundation.

In 2024, SMM will initially focus on the training of ultrasound specialists in this area.

In 2024, SMM aims to concentrate more on organizing and facilitating ultrasound education in Tanzania. Regina Namumba, a highly experienced senior ultrasound specialist, will continue to provide hands-on training for junior ultrasound specialists at SMM in 2024.