Running projects

Project Lower Moshi


The Foundation Mount Meru (SMM) and the Foundation Driving Nurses (SDN) have started a partnership in early 2018 to work together to improve the mother and child care in Tanzania.

The SMM will provide training in obstetric ultrasound and deliver an ultrasound device for the Mamabus in Lower Moshi.

The SDN provides maintenance mamabus and the other resources. The SDN also has the possibility to drive a 2nd Mamabus- possible area Arusha in 2019.

The SMM resumes contact with the Regional Medical Officer (RMO). Wonanji district Arusha and informs him about the project with the Mamabus region Lower Moshi.

Dr. Wonanji sends a letter of intent to reduce maternal and child mortality in Tanzania together with the SMM.

A visit of the SDR and SMM to Moshi and Arusha is planned for October 2018.

Letter of intent Alyssa/Moshi
Tilburgs Student Cabaret
Cooperation Mamabus
Help request Dr. Wonanji
Thank you from Dr. Wonanji
Referral letter (where everything started with)

Realized projects

Project Mount Meru Hospital

Mount Meru Hospital is a large hospital funded by the government.
There are about 10,000 births per year. One of the methods that can contribute to better care for and around birth is the ultrasound. By means of an echo large problems can be detected so that timely intervention can be of vital importance to both mother and child.

The Foundation has donated a portable echo device, the Mindray Z6.
In collaboration with the radiologist of Mount Meru Hospital, Dr.Richard Sungura, we have been able to give hands-on training for a number of days.

The message we received from Richard Sungura in November:

“We are doing fine!!!The Machine is perfect!!We did a public demonstration of Doppler ultrasound scanning with volunteers!! Everyone was happy!!!”

Project Dispensary/Maternity unit Zanzibar

On Zanzibar, near Stone Town, we met Johanna, a German midwife, who has worked there for more than 10 years in a small maternity clinic. From Europe (Germany) the clinic had received a second hand echo device. Because Johanna had little experience in making echoes, the device was still packed. Together we removed the echo machine from his wooden box and started working with Johanna. Johanna has quickly mastered the principles of ultrasound and has now found a German doctor on the island willing to help her to make the ultrasounds once a week.

We continue to maintain contact with Johanna and can provide her with education-on-line.

A fully equipped delivery bag was also handed over to Johanna and her colleagues so that the worn instruments could be replaced.

Visit Ngurdoto Dispensary

Ngurdoto is a small town with about 3000 inhabitants at the foot of Mount Meru near Arusha. The town has a Dispensary where 2 sisters of the Carolus order accompany deliveries.

They proudly told that they have been able to deliver very good care to date with a minimum of equipment. When in doubt, they send the pregnant women to a hospital in Arusha for an ultrasound. A doptone device that allows the heart sounds of the unborn baby to be heard would be a welcome addition. The Foundation has been able to provide the sisters with a doptone. The Mount Meru Foundation can look back on a year in which various projects have been realized.

We remain in contact with the people in the Mount Meru hospital, the Regional Manager of the Arusha region, Johanna, the midwife on Zanzibar and the sisters of the Carolus order.
New contacts have been made in Tanzania and on Zanzibar, with which we are working on a next request for help.


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