November 2016.

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In the north of Tanzania, the city of Arusha rubs against the Kilimandjaro. In this city is the Mount Meru Hospital, named after the extinguished volcanic mountain in the immediate vicinity of Arusha.
The Mount Meru Hospital is a large state hospital that performs a regional function. A state hospital has few financial resources and opportunities to practice new techniques and knowledge. Often due to the lack of the necessary equipment or the lack of adequately qualified staff.

The obstetrics department at Mount Meru Hospital performs a regional function and can not be called small with 24-30 births (of which 8 are caesarean sections on average) per day.

Maternal and child mortality is very high and distressing.

The Foundation Mount Meru aims to improve maternal and childcare and wants to do this by sharing knowledge and experience in ultrasound with the doctors and obstetricians in Tanzania. To improve this care is a well functioning ultrasound device (to better diagnose) and to follow the pregnancy) is literally vital.

The Mount Meru Foundation wants to make sure that there is an ultrasound device with applications at the midwifery department. In addition, an integral part of this donation training, instruction and support by midwives / ultrasound researchers from the Mount Meru Foundation.
We are a small-scale foundation that combines functional help with practical hands-on support to ensure that it does not only stay with 'appliances', but that they are actually used in a skilled manner by trained personnel.

An obstetric ultrasound device with the required applications costs +/- € 12,000 and is intended for the obstetrics department at Mount Meru Hospital.

The Mount Meru Foundation is completely dependent on donations. With this contribution we want to improve maternal and childcare at Mount Meru Hospital. All donations benefit the equipment. The qualified trainers do this entirely for their own account!

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Mount Meru Foundation