Our third candidate, Wilson Simpa, started the ultrasound training at the end of April! Wilson is a Clinical Officer at Karatu District Hospital in Karatu, a rural district in the Arusha region of northern Tanzania.
The Karatu District Hospital is a public, government-funded hospital. Women can get free pregnancy checks and give birth free of charge. With few resources, care is provided here to a large number of pregnant women. Around 180 women give birth every month.
During the work of the organization Wombs of the World in this hospital there appeared to be a great need for an echo device. They saw with their own eyes how ultrasound can contribute to the quality of prenatal care. That is why Wombs of the World has started a collection campaign for an echo device. She has asked Mount Meru Foundation to train one of the local doctors in ultrasound and its implementation.
In consultation with the hospital management, a candidate for the ultrasound training has been selected, Wilson Simpa. Wilson has been in charge of the Endallah Lutheran Dispensary in recent years. He was the only doctor there and gained considerable experience in mother and child care in that capacity.
Our board member Saja met Wilson in Moshi in April. He turned out to be very motivated and enthusiastic to become proficient in ultrasound. They discussed the terms of the sponsorship agreement and the contract was signed. A training place in the KCMC hospital and accommodation was arranged for Wilson. He was also introduced to the two other candidates from our foundation, Oscar Issangya and Veronika Tarimo
A few days later, Saja traveled to the Karatu District Hospital, where she met Dr. Gyunda, the medical officer in charge. Together they discussed the practical side of the collaboration and the introduction of ultrasound in the hospital. Saja was also given a tour of the hospital. What particularly stood out was the large number of pregnant women and mothers with children who are helped here daily.Now that Wilson has also started, our first class of ultrasound scans are now complete! We will provide them with intensive support from a distance (via whatsapp) and through hands-on training in Tanzania in the coming period, where necessary and possible.

Meet our third candidate!