Our first three students have passed!

We are proud to announce that the first three students sponsored by the Mount Meru Foundation have obtained their ultrasound certificate at the KCMC Hospital!

Oscar, Veronika and Wilson have earned it well, they have worked hard for it. They received online support from Saja and Miriam, so they were well prepared.

Now that the certificate has been received, the graduates receive an extra month of practical lessons with supervision offered by the foundation. Mamabus (Veronika), in the Karatu Health Center (Wilson) and the Musoma Regional Hospital (Oscar).

We thanked this first success for getting financial support. Our brand new trained ultrasound technicians are very grateful for that. But we do not want to leave it here and would like to train even more ultrasound technicians to improve mother and child care in Northern Tanzania. Can we report?

First 3 students passed!