Thanks to our Tanzanian local supervisors!

Wilson, Oscar and Veronika are the first three ultrasound students trained by our Mount Meru foundation. After obtaining their certificate, they completed an additional internship in July. These internships are supervised locally by local Tanzanian supervisors. Thanks to Dr. Maeda, Adam Joseph and Fred Ndazi the students had been able to gain practical experience in making ultrasound scans and they return to their own hospital on 1 August.
Our board members Saja and Miriam also offered online guidance from the Netherlands last month. Various cases and ultrasound images were discussed with the ultrasound students.
This online guidance from the Netherlands will be continued in the coming months. We strive to ensure that our graduated songraphers can in the long term act as trainers for the following groups of ultrasound students.
Below a photo of Wilson together with his supervisor Dr.Maeda.

Thank you local supervisors!