Mount Meru Foundation expands working area!
Mount Meru Foundation, with its partner Driving Nurses Foundation, will develop a plan to make good mother and child care available in the outlying areas around Karatu.
During her visit to Karatu, our board member Saja Erens came in contact with Dr. Hariel Zacharia, the responsible doctor at Karatu Lutheran Hospital. He asked for help in operating the hard-to-reach outlying areas, in particular in the area of ​​mother and child care. The health posts belonging to the Lutheran Hospital are far from the hospital and do not always have the right equipment.
Mount Meru Foundation and its partner Driving Nurses Foundation have taken up this request for help. In January the first fruitful discussions took place with Dr. Zacharia. In the coming three months we will jointly develop a plan to realize mobile mother and child care in the area that falls under the responsibility of the hospital. The Mount Meru Foundation once again focuses on training and implementation of mobile (obstetric) ultrasound.
During her visit to Karatu Lutheran Hospital, Saja was able to demonstrate and explain the use of mobile ultrasound. They immediately saw the potential of mobile ultrasound, especially for these remote rural areas where pregnant women usually cannot come to the hospital for standard checks, including ultrasound.
In Karatu, people are very enthusiastic about setting up this new project together. Can the mothers and children in the Karatu district also count on your support? Then contribute your bit here!

MMF expands its working area!