Covid19 in Tanzania: implications for our sonographer students

Tanzania also seems to be unable to escape the corona virus. The first infections were reported in mid-March and the Tanzanian government took measures to contain further spread. For example, all schools and training programs are closed. This means that our candidate ultrasound sonographers cannot start ultrasound training at the KCMC for the time being. Obviously, it is a priority that they now remain available in their own hospital to deal with the COVID19 crisis there. In a country like Tanzania where there is already a shortage of medical devices, diagnostic capacity and trained personnel in normal circumstances, this will be a huge challenge. We maintain close contact with our people on the ground to see how we can and continue to support them remotely. To date, our already trained ultrasound sonographers continue to provide normal ultrasound services and care for mother and child. We do not know how long this will remain possible, but we will certainly keep you informed. As a foundation, as a result of this unplanned time-out, we have more time and space to work on the substantive foundations of our training, further develop project plans and sponsorship strategies. If you want to contribute in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us via our website.

Covid19 in Tanzania: implications for …….