The decision is made! After extensive test rounds, two beautiful mobile ultrasound devices were purchased for our project, the Mobile Ultrasound Sonographer. For the first time we went into business with Benetec.

Martijn van Leeuwen, sales manager at Benetec, and administrative assistant Sjan de Weert, have pulled out all the stops to purchase the Minosono as cheaply as possible, install it and make it ready for use. We could once again count on the logistical support and hospitality of Bert Ooijen, practice owner of the obstetric practice Care for you 2 in Gilze.

Thanks to the enthusiastic pregnant ultrasound models that Bert had managed to get, Martijn was able to set the Minosono as optimally as possible for use in Tanzania. He was supported in this by the highly skilled and experienced sonographer Andrea Stoop-Berends. All this happened under the watchful eye of chairman Margriet van der Weel-Roem and board member Lucie Driessen.

We are very grateful to the pregnant models and everyone else involved for their great efforts - just like the people who have made the purchase possible in recent times with a number of special donations!


Two new ultrasound devices for the Mobile Ultrasound project