The recently purchased ultrasound device, the Minisono, has made a flying start. A week after installation, the device was ready to go to Tanzania. After signing the user agreement, the device was handed over to Regina Namumba on behalf of our contact person Adam in Arusha.

The Mount Meru Foundation has been working with Regina for years. As a skilled ultrasound technician, she regularly takes our students under the wings to learn the intricacies of the ultrasound profession. The new mobile ultrasound device will be used for training students and for outreach in the villages around Tabora.

During the first ultrasound, the device immediately proved its usefulness and necessity. Unfortunately it was bad news, at 33 weeks of pregnancy there was no more heart action. Thanks to the ultrasound, the pregnant woman can now be helped further to safeguard her own health and that of a possible next pregnancy.

When our Foundation donated an ultrasound device to the Mount Meru hospital in 2017, Regina was working there. Her first ultrasound with the brand new device was also a non-vital pregnancy. A bit of special repeat history. But if this mobile ultrasound device bears as much fruit as the device at Mount Meru Hospital still does without any problems, then it is certainly worth a smile!


With a smile and a tear: ultrasound device put into use again!