On a pleasant African summer evening, we have the opportunity to meet the busy and highly sought-after Dr. Simpa. He has been working at the Karatu Health Center, a bustling government clinic in the city center, for several years. In 2019, the Mount Meru Foundation sponsored Dr. Simpa's ultrasound training. In early 2020, Wombs of the World donated an ultrasound machine, and since then, Dr. Simpa has been performing ultrasounds full-time at the clinic. He also regularly mentors international students.

Dr. Simpa tells us that during his outreach work at health posts, he often sees pregnant women who would benefit from an ultrasound. He has to refer them to his own ultrasound clinic at the hospital, when it would be much more efficient to provide a diagnosis on the spot. That's why, in June, Dr. Simpa asked the foundation to support his work with a mobile ultrasound machine. This way, the right care can be easily brought to the women on the spot.

It's Saturday evening, but Dr. Simpa's phone is still buzzing with calls during our conversation. In Tanzania, patients follow the doctor they trust, and it's clear that Dr. Simpa enjoys this trust. In turn, as a foundation, we have confidence that a mobile ultrasound machine will add value to his work. We sign the user agreement and hand over the mobile ultrasound machine we have with us. We also discuss the possibility of receiving additional training from our local trainer, Regina.

And then, Dr. Simpa sets off with the device in his backpack on his motorcycle into the dark night. The next day, on his day off, he voluntarily works all day at the health post in his own village.

Karatu (3): full speed ahead