The Mount Meru Foundation is one of the charities that received a check from Kringloopwinkel d'n Einder in St.-Oedenrode. With the 750 euros we can train an ultrasound technician for the Mamabus in Moshi.

The checks were presented during d'n Einder's annual volunteer evening. The thrift store works exclusively with volunteers. The profits made are used to support a number of charities every year. This year there were seven, including our foundation!

We will use the money to have Agnes Kimaro, a nurse with ultrasound experience, take an extensive 10-day follow-up ultrasound course at Regina Namumba in Tabora. You can read more about this in our next travel blog!

With the extra knowledge and skills she gains there, Agnes can work on the Mamabus in the future. For example, we bring ultrasound to pregnant women in the outlying areas of Moshi. Thanks to the ultrasounds, pregnancy problems can be detected earlier and pregnant women can be referred to a hospital in a timely manner if necessary.

The Mount Meru Foundation is very grateful to Kringloopwinkel d'n Einder in St.-Oedenrode for the generous contribution! With this donation, mother and child care in Tanzania has become a bit better!

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Ultrasound technician in training again, thanks to thrift store ‘d’n Einder