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Obstetric / ultrasound operator Margriet van der Weel is one of the founders of the foundation.
"During a trip through Tanzania, I visited Mount Meru Hospital in Arusha and was struck by what I saw there, giving birth in Tanzania is a precarious affair, maternal and infant mortality is high and distressing, and in Mount Meru Hospital not different.
In a conversation with, among others, Dr. Richard Sungura of the hospital became clear to me that a properly functioning ultrasound device can make a major contribution to improving the care for mother and child "

With an ultrasound device, directly medically important information can be obtained in a safe, non-invasive manner. When discovering a pregnancy located outside the womb, timely intervention for the mother can be life-saving. A placenta at the time of childbirth can also be life-threatening to mother and child if the intervention is not timely. Detecting certain congenital defects during pregnancy can be very important for the place and manner of giving birth.
Ultrasonography costs little except the investment in the device and the technique is good to learn with good training.

"Back in the Netherlands, I contacted colleagues, and together we decided to share our expertise and experience in the field of ultrasound with colleagues in Arusha, and we went looking for a well-functioning ultrasound device for Mount Meru Hospital."
The costs for the device, transport and maintenance were estimated at around 12,000 euros. To fund all this, the Mount Meru Foundation was established.






Margriet van der Weel-Roem: Chairman / obstetric ultrasound operator

Anna Lied Poelstra-Sanders: Treasurer / obstetric ultrasound operator

Saja Erens: Secretary/obstetric ultrasound operator

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