2023 - 2023

  • Field research in Moshi district from Himo has taken place. 21 centers were visited.
  • The Mount Meru Foundation packed its suitcases and made a working visit to Tanzania and Zanzibar in September.
  • The SMM hands over a mobile ultrasound device, the Lumify, to Dr. Simpa for outreach around Karatu.
  • The 2nd Mamabus can start running in Karatu.
  • In Moshi, the SMM meets Agnes Kimaro, a junior sonographer from KCMC. Agnes goes to Regina Namumba for hands-on training at the expense of the SMM.
  • The Usambara Mountains are visited, an area for a possible new project.
  • Ahmed Tunda , a junior sonographer from Lusotho Hospital, receives hands-on training from Regina Namumba in Tabora from SMM.
  • At the invitation of the SMM, Regina Namumba will come to Zanzibar for 5 days in October to provide hands-on training to Johanna Omar and a number of junior sonographers.